Secret No.3 to Becoming a Successful Model – Rule the Runway!

Secret No.3 to Becoming a Successful Model – Rule the Runway!

Runway modeling is a central part of the entire modeling industry. Designers need to showcase their latest designs and dresses, and what better way than for models to flaunt them off on the runway! Not knowing how to walk perfectly can really be a setback for a successful future career. It might look difficult, but it isn’t rocket science once you’ve got the basics down.


5 Easy Steps to Master the Runway Walk

The catwalk is fairly easy to learn, but it may take you years before you master it, and that’s okay! Clients are not looking for perfection on your first audition, but knowing these basic tips can help you pull off an amazing performance. Physical balance and an air of confidence is all it takes; outer and inner calibration.

Some basic requirements for a runway model are:

  • Minimum height of 5’9 (preferably 5’10) up to 6’1.
  • Must wear a size 2-4-6.
  • Must have clear, smooth skin, well toned body, appear healthy and great teeth.
  • Should walk the runway with grace and confidence.

Step 1 – Be Confident

The most important inner element to master is confidence. Walking down the runway with attitude, poise and style is the key to a great walk. Projecting a professional attitude will surely land you more clients. Also, add elements of being a little flirty and commanding on the runway; this engages your audience as they see you on the ramp.

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Step 2 – Watch Your Posture

Your runway walk must be smooth and graceful. A model should appear light on her feet. No matter how heavy or uncomfortable you may be, your audience should feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Here are some important points to work on:

Walking – Think Tall

  • Put one foot in front of the other carefully to avoid tripping.
  • Your toes should be pointed forwards.
  • Do not lose balance or start swaying on the runway.
  • While walking, keep your body slanted and lean backward slightly.
  • Relax your shoulders and don’t look too mechanical.


  • Don’t overly sway or move your hips as you walk. This will happen naturally.
  • Hipbones should be parallel to the floor.
  • Knees should be slightly bent.

Arms and Hands

  • Don’t appear to be too stiff. Allow your arms to swing naturally by your sides.
  • Don’t swing your arms farther than your body.
  • Your hands and fingers must appear graceful as they move.
  • If you place on your hands on your sides or hips, your thumbs should be pointing forward. Your fingers should be held together and pointing backwards.
  • When holding your arms outwards, your finger must be together, like that of a mannequin.
  • If you are holding something in your hands, adapt your movements tactfully.

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PosingPicture Source:



  • Keep all the above points in mind, especially hand and feet placements, when you stop and pose.
  • Hold your pose with grace for about 3-4 seconds before resuming your walk.
  • Be sure to adequately display the attire you are modeling when you stop and pose.

Step 3 – Develop a Rhythm

There is usually music playing in the background. Use it to your advantage! Let the music uplift your motivation. Catch a beat in the music and sway accordingly. This pumps up your walk and makes you feel more confident.

Step 4 – Be Careful With Turns

Turns are where the entire outfit comes to life, and they can be tricky. Keep the following points in mind and you’ll do great:

  • Turns should not be crocked or sloppy; always make complete and smooth turns.
  • When turning: stop, keep balance and twirl gracefully.
  • Turn according to the dress you are modeling, so that it can be exhibited nicely from all angles.

Step 5 – Always Make Eye-contact

Last, but not the least, is making and maintaining eye-contact. Looking directly at your audience and clients helps develop rapport. It also shows that you are confident and self-assured.

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So there you have it: The Models Hunter guide to the perfect runway walk. The runway is all about displaying your client’s clothes. If people like your walk and personality, they will be interested in the clothes as well. If the client gets many happy customers, you’ve done your job perfectly. Remember to keep practicing and you will become great in no time!


7 Tips For The Perfect Runway Walk

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